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DVD Review: Robin Hood

I saw this a week ago but I wasn’t sure how I felt about it. It was what I expected — really good action and fighting scenes and lots of sweaty, dirty, smoky medieval skin and clothing. It was like going to a restaurant such as Chez Panisse where you expect a terrific meal and all the ingredients are perfect and the service is as good as it can get and your date is pleasant and yet it all doesn’t come together and you feel as if you paid too much.

The plot: this is the tale of how Robin Hood came to be. It’s amusing to see how he meets up with Friar Tuck and Maid Marion and Big John. Hollywood took a good story and added on to it. It’s not a big leap, no great risks taken here.

The actors: Russell Crowe is hot. Cate Blanchett is luminous. However, their banter could have been more banterish and their love scenes steamier. Maybe I was in a bad place while watching it, but it seemed a missed opportunity. These two actors should have set the theatre on fire! But no, just a whiff of smoke. I think my expectations were too high on all counts: action, sex, dialogue.

My final analysis: it’s worth seeing. There is worse out there. Plenty worse.


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